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· 竣工,カフェ,店舗,ロゴ

Cafe in IKOMA


photo©studio CIRCLE

photo©studio CIRCLE










Renovation like germination of dandelion

The fluff of the dandelion that flew from somewhere dropped to a new place and extended the root. Eventually, while increasing leaves, they grow bigger and bloom flowers.

When the flowers have come to a close, dandelions begin to make fluffy seeds, and many seeds fly up into the sky one after another and freshen up their companions.

This renovation like germination of dandelion.

This project makes use of a character of an existing building

This is a renovation project of an old building locates in a few minutes away from Kintetsu Ikoma Station in Nara Prefecture, Japan. The existing building featured with its 2nd floor’s continuous arches is in an area of mixture of shops and housings. This existing building’s shutter has been closed for over 20 years until this project started.

As a building element, “arch” reminds various meanings such as place, style, history and so on. However, the arches that are used in this building seems appeared all of a sudden without any context but simply as a trend of the period. Although there is no such an architectural meaning, those arches are conceived as a landmark after several decades of existing in the area.

We conceived this arches as a fluff of a dandelion which seeds travel and sprout in a random place. As the same as a fluff, those arches came from nowhere but rooted itself in the land, and now is the time to sprout.

In this renovation project, we used arches in diverse ways such as facades, lightings, logo designs, etc.

The client wishes this building to become a community space where people meet, connected and explore. We hope the success of this project blossoms like a dandelion and scatters its seeds to new places.

所在地        奈良県生駒市

竣工         2018年6月 

設計         佐藤伸也(佐藤伸也建築設計事務所)

写真         大嵜康祐(studio CIRCLE)

ロゴデザイン     佐藤伸也(佐藤伸也建築設計事務所)  

照明         佐藤伸也(佐藤伸也建築設計事務所)+椋本真由子(むくもと照明設計事務所)

photo©studio CIRCLE

photo©studio CIRCLE

photo©studio CIRCLE

photo©studio CIRCLE

photo©studio CIRCLE

photo©studio CIRCLE

photo©studio CIRCLE

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